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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Why I Will NOT Meet Women In Their 40’s Online...

For my 39th birthday, I decided I would fire up the old interwebs portal device and ask it to find single women in my area that I could "do stuff with", and not the type you need to pay for "services rendered" or marry to get into the country... but real people. At first, my computer was all like "you're drunk, go home"... and then it was like "OK, but you need to talk about the "crazies" on KPR Live and your blog", and I was all like "I hate that you are self-aware, but the bad conversations would make for a great read and radio, and if I found someone - score"! So I did have a great date with someone I met (fingers crossed that she does not kill me), but what I also found was a disturbing trend in single women between the ages of 39 - 49. With that said... this is what I found.

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