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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Overcoming Depression & Anxiety With Natural Alternatives To Modern Medicine.

So, you're depressed, maybe a little bit anxious... well you're not alone. Recent medical studies show that 7% of Americans suffer from some level of depression and 18% of us suffer from anxiety -- so why is it that 23% of Americans are taking prescribed medication to treat the symptoms of these two conditions, while 70% of us have admitted to self-medicating? Well, that's a simple one... the "medical Mafia". Now I say that as tongue-in-cheek, but let's be real for a minute. We can't turn on the radio, TV or browse the internet without seeing or hearing an advertisement trying to convince us that our quality of life could be much better by taking a pill. The ads always end with us self-diagnosing our problem based on what a voice-over actor read from a script, that was written by an advertising executive, that was hired by the marketing department of a pharmaceutical company to convince us that we just can't live another second without their product. You know, just like a car manufacturer or retail store would do with their product, and that's the way the world works, but I find it highly distasteful and dishonest when a pharmaceutical company uses this technique to solicit new clientele, especially when their potential client base target suffers from a medical disorder, or even worse, does not suffer from a medical disorder at all, but are convinced they do, solely based on the solicitation and then ask their doctor for that "miracle pill". I mean you can't even go to the supermarket anymore without seeing "little Susie Q Homemaker" stoned out of her effing mind on prescribed opioids and benzos wild her three obnoxious (but medicated) children scream for her attention because she's too stoned to pay them any mind... and what kills me is that "little Susie Q Homemaker" drove to get there in her oversized SUV. With that said, I am not against modern medicine at all. Medical advancements and treatments have given people who truly suffer from medical conditions a better quality of life, but at the same time there are many different ways to treat mild to severe medical disorders (especially depression and/or anxiety) without using modern chemical compounds that for the most part do not treat the condition but only mask the symptoms, making the person using them dependent on them. Now that is great for the pharmaceutical company because you're not only going to be a potential lifetime consumer of their product... but over time your tolerance will build up and you will have to use more of the same compound to achieve the same results, making you an addict and not a patient... and let's not forget about the side effects that could be worst than your symptoms.  It's kinda funny that if you Google the term "drug addict" the definition is "a person addicted to an ILLEGAL drug; when the correct definition is "a person addicted to a particular substance". I believe the modern philosopher "Wu-Tang" said it best "cash rules everything around me"... but back to my point. I believe in a balance between modern medical advancements including chemical compound medicines (when truly needed) and natural remedies that we have used since the beginning of time. I strongly believe that the modern medical community (for the most part) frowns upon unprofitable remedies regardless how effective they are, so I'm going to list the ways I found have helped me personally dealing with depression and anxiety in the hopes that it may offer others like yourself the same relief I experienced.

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