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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Why I Will NOT Meet Women In Their 40’s Online...

For my 39th birthday, I decided I would fire up the old interwebs portal device and ask it to find single women in my area that I could "do stuff with", and not the type you need to pay for "services rendered" or marry to get into the country... but real people. At first, my computer was all like "you're drunk, go home"... and then it was like "OK, but you need to talk about the "crazies" on KPR Live and your blog", and I was all like "I hate that you are self-aware, but the bad conversations would make for a great read and radio, and if I found someone - score"! So I did have a great date with someone I met (fingers crossed that she does not kill me), but what I also found was a disturbing trend in single women between the ages of 39 - 49. With that said... this is what I found.

To start, I enjoy the company of a strong-willed, self-assured woman that is not afraid to have a conversation in a public forum, that has thick skin and a sarcastic sense of humor… and I couldn’t think of a better place to look other than Facebook singles groups? The way I looked at it was that the psychology/mindset of a person joining a social group on Facebook was more in line with a traditional social environment like a bar, club…ext, in which a person has to interact and/or approach a person they are interested in opposed to plugging in a few details about themselves into an algorithm based search site that gives "options", like shopping. This is why I refer to dating sites as “the vagina store”… because you are shopping, not dating. Besides taking the awkwardness out of dating (that I believe helps us build character), it just feels slimy to me, and everyone lies – it is a very narcissistic way to approach finding your “someone special”, but on the other hand, sites like tinder are great for people just wanting to hook up. So, back to my findings…

During my search over the course of two weeks, I had 47 conversations that were more than just “hey, sup… you like want to hook up?”, and for the most part, everyone was completely bat-shit crazy in their own unique way... but here are the top five personality characteristics that I found with single women between the ages of 39 – 49 that were a complete turnoff.

The need for immediate gratification in knowing that they have your attention:
(24 of the 47 share this in common)

One of the biggest turnoffs for me is when a woman needs to be told that I’m into her. I had to say a few times “If I was not into you, we would not be having this conversation.” Now I know that self-confidence is not common, but if you are in the middle of a conversation, why would you stop to ask if the other person likes you so far? I can see asking that at the end of a date if you have mixed feelings about it, but not on messenger or via text. I mean how the hell would I even know if I would enjoy your company if our initial conversation is comprised of 75% “you talking slutty”, 20% “do you like me” and 5% “I hate my ex”? Give me meaningful conversation and I can let you know if I would want to continue to talk.

The need to tell you how amazing they are in bed:
(32 of the 47 share this in common)

This one kills me; every woman that shared the knowledge of her “super sex skills” with me during our initial conversation was the same person that also complained about getting dick pics. So let’s break this one down… if you are having amazing sex that often and you are single, I’m assuming that it is with random guys, and that is really gross. The thoughts that come to my mind are “hot dog down a hallway” and the risk of an STD, so no thanks. Now if you are having this same conversation with everyone, I’m guessing that the “dick pic” senders enjoy the company of a looses woman, and the photo is their way of accepting your offer to attend "the unbelievable sex party at the palace of slut". So if you want a guy that is not going to send you dick pics, stop selling yourself based on how you can suck a golf ball through a garden hose… that is not sexy conversation at our age for someone that is really looking for that someone special.

Only looking for the attention:
(32 of the 47 share this in common)

Social media gets a bad rap for many things, but I think it is a great way for people going through a divorce and/or breakup to reintegrate themselves into the modern social scene. In many ways, the social media platform is one big support group and can be very helpful to many, but a dating group within this platform is just the wrong place to do so. Yes, you will get the attention you are seeking, but you are also using unsuspecting people to build your confides up, and that is a shitty thing to do. Stick to support groups or your wall until you are ready, it is not fair to everyone else.

The “all men are the same” conversation:
(39 of the 47 share this in common)

All I have to say is that if we are all the same and you have only been in bad relationships, why not switch teams? Let me know how that all plays out for you.

The need to feel young:
(43 of the 47 share this in common)

Look, you’re 40ish… if you want a partner that respects you, act your age. I noticed that in 90% of the women I spoke with that had a teenage child; they themselves had hits of teenage behavioral characteristics. Now I’m not talking about the music they listened to or how they dressed, but more about how they spoke about other people and they lacked the dynamics that a mature mined person possesses. It was like they had convinced themselves that acting younger would be more attractive, but it was like having a conversation with a teenager. I’m too old to deal with all that crap, but you know who thinks it's cool… the 40 year old that lives at home and plays video games in his mother’s basement while I go to work every day and contribute to my community.

So overall, I can say with 100% certainty that the majority of single women (that use online dating) between the age's of 39 - 49 are undateable, and I encourage all single men and/or woman that use online dating to truly get to know a woman within this age rage more so than you normally would before starting a meaningful relationship. The behavior they possessed was borderline psychiatric, and completely disturbing.

Hugs & Kisses

Jac Harrison
The Modern Lunatic Blogger
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